Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Its been a month that we-the great college students ;) are at home...Holidaysss...yipiee..Definitely enjoying winters in my blanket when its tooooo cold outside..but now kind of missing my friends and college masti...FRIENDS..what a word..It has so many aspects in our life..So dedicating this post  to every person who is a true friend to someone..I am sure you will remember many faces and many moments while reading this..

The first word coming on my mind with the word Friends is "Fun"..coz. they are the ones with whom you can hang out,gerhi maarni vo b triply maarke (some of you might have tried even more than that!) and n  u'll have a group of friends jo sb milke kisi ek bande ki extreme bezti krenge (personal experience..:P) ya gossip krenge..As famous in our college,"bhor" skte hai wid dem on whatever,whenever,wherever ..:P 
You will have a lot of names given by a lot of friends..although the one who suggested the name might himself/herself not know the meaning of it..but bs koi b out of the world name parh jayega..so just enjoy it..:)
They will be the ones who will laugh on your stupid ideas and logics but will also support you when someone else makes fun of it..they will accompany you in a notorious deed and if caught will be act as if they know nothing ;).. they will fight for a piece of chocolate with one another but at the same time they will fight for you if you are in trouble..:)

Apart from the fun you have with them..they offer u a lot more..you can always share your deepest secrets with them..n if you dont share then its a call to World War 3..:O They will never show you but they will care for you..:) 
It feels good when you are thinking of your friend and he/she texts you at the same time..:) or  when you are sad & you dont want to show but your friend gets it and tries every possible thing to make you smile..:)  when you share food..:) or when you chill out at any place (usually in our case ness zone :P) bunking your class..or when your friends want to slap you tight when you answer an easy question wrongly in exam..:) or when they cry with you when you are upset..:')

 Everything is not always so good..Sometimes it happens that misunderstandings show up or we dont talk to our friends due to our ego or may be due to some other problem..but the best thing about friends should be how they overcome this barrier and maintain the same relation..so for that i would suggest that instead of missing out some really good friends its better you talk to them..tel them how much they mean to you..or else you will be left with only memories..:(

A friend can be anyone..It can be your mom dad telling you what to do,your sister helping you out,your brother protecting you or your partner supporting you..Har ek friend zaroori hai yaar!! because they are the ones who will accept you the way you are and love you for being you..:) Cherishing all the lovely moments with my buddies with a song on my mind----
                              I'll be there for you,when the rain starts to pour,
                               i'll be there for you coz you there for me too..