Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Bus Encounter!!

I was standing at the bus stop in Jalandhar when a bus arrived..As usual,that day also vo jagah bus stop kam n fish market jyada lag rahi thi..Every conductor or fish wala u can say,shouts as if by this he can sell his fish better..Anyways i saw the bus to my destination,my hometown-Royal city Patiala..:D So i boarded the bus with my bag and a backpack..Luckily or perhaps unluckily(reason you will get to know later) i saw a better bus behind this one! It was an a.c that moment i decided that i had already waited for the bus so long..n dat also on an extremely hot afternoon..i definitely deserve the better one..:P so i jumped out of the slowly moving bus (literally!:P) to catch the one behind "desperately"..In fact i hurt myself lying down on the was embarrassing too! :( but so what..i boarded the bus of my choice with proud..:D that disappeared with a single thought..:/ and that thought was a realization that i've forgot my backpack in the previous bus..and this soon turned into a fear..coz i had all my money,a.t.m,my earphones and books( uski itni tension nhi thi..:P) in that bag only..i was worried that how m gonna pay for the bus fair..i talked to the bus conductor about the whole situation..thank god he believed me..n then started the real race..haha..private vs p.r.t.c. yeah!!it sounds fun now but those moments were too difficult for now the driver knew it all n he followed the bus all the way trying to be close to it..the people near me must have overheard my talk with my mom explaining the whole situation..this is usual because people always want to know why a girl is in a problem!!:P so even they were participating,consoling me that soon  the bus will be need to worry n all..and finally both the buses stopped near each other due to a lot of traffic..i reached the entrance door of the bus out of anxiety..then the  conductor went on in that bus n at that moment i was just praying that please God dont let my bag get stolen..n so he returned with my bag..yippie..:-) although the front bus conductor was shouting at him..but he returned with my bag..(obviously use b chinta thi k bag nhi hoga to how would i pay him)..

My experience with buses have never been good..A lot of times my bus gets punctured ,then we are supposed to wait for a bus that would stop on a highway to help passengers in need! Which obviously takes time..specialy when there are too many passengers pushing each other aside to grab a place while boarding the new helping bus..I love listening music while travelling..infact i can do it for the whole of the journey but thats posibble only if my phones battery permits,which is a rare case..:-/ so its an ' i want to kill someone right now' feeling when the bus is driven to Ludhiana bus stand when my cell's battery is low..coz that means wasting like an hour or so in the bus stand waiting for new passengers to board for Patiala..Well..the worst is yet to come!

It was early morning..about 5.30 when the bus i boarded for Jalandhar left the bus stand of my was raining heavily..:) although it was my last exam that day later in the afternoon but i was enjoying the early morning was so refreshing..The moment when i changed my watsapp status to-"rainy day (with an umbrella n a smiley)" ,the very next moment i was wet with muddy water all over me coz the bus..yes! My bus met with an accident..A tractor wala was coming from the opposite side so the bus driver intended to give him a way on the narrow road...but there was a slope to the side of the road which was filled due to rain water..n the bus slipped from the side,tilted and went straight into that dig..Unfortunately the bus tilted from my side but fortunately it was an a.c bus with strong glasses of the window..The moment the bus touched the land water entered in the bus and i felt like drowning..for that moment i thought its "all over"..:/ but soon the water expanded all around..we all could breath now..I was shocked at what just happened..was it true! I was scared out of my wits...Only thing i was doing inside the tilted bus was crying "mummy" again n again..there was a girl who was using a lappy earlier and after this she hurt herself with the same lappy..n for the lappy you can imagine what could have happened to it..then i saw people escaping out of a small outlet at the top of the bus which was now at the side due to tilting..the funny thing was that people tried breaking the emergency door but it didnt break..:-P I thought i can manage to come out through the outlet..i went on but realized i should first find my bag..took my wet bag and came out from the bus with the help of some really helping people.. was equivalent to a nightmare!! There was a bus nearby whose driver was helping passengers to come out of this bus..i boarded it as it was also going to Jalandhar..I wondered i should tell mom or not..but i called her and she as expected got too much worried..i told my friends..even they were shocked n the rest of the journey sitting uncomfortably in wet muddy clothes i couldnt cease myself from thanking God for saving me..i had only a few injuries outside..although it hurt badly inside..:( thanks to my friends who came to pick me up,helped me forget the incident and concentrate on the exam,although i realy couldnt, even during the exam coz i found a piece of glass in my ear a few minutes back..but all is well that ends well..i gave my exam n my friends took me to the hospital for injection..thanks to them all..:D for the rest of the day i was a celebrity, getting phone calls from friends n relatives..n my room mates taking special care of me..hehe..:P That very day i realized zindagi na milegi dobara..u never know what is in store for u the next moment so live each moment as if its ur last one..forget faltu ki tensions,stop stupid fights and love the life you have
                                                                                                                                                               Coz we've got one life to live,
                                                            one love to give,
                                                       one chance to keep from falling ,
                                                           one heart to break, 
                                                            one soul to take us,
                                                               not forsake us, 
                                                                           ONLY ONE
cheers to life..:)