Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Remembering those dayssss.........

Read at your own risk.....:-P coz. this might remind you of your bad days from the past...to all those who have experienced preparation period for medical n non-medical entrance exam tests..here we go.......

Teacher-Ok students,we are done with todays lecture..But (with a grin on his face) take your homework with you..Do chapter 8,9,10 of this book solved and unsolved questions both..After this you'll be left with some time so go for the alpha level (the higher one) and we will discuss it tomorrow..N guys you are in 12th so leave your habit of spoon feeding,if you have spare time then go for higher levels of each n every topic...
Me- (looking at the clock which was 8 in the evening already while the teacher was speaking...:-P) Will be reaching home soon and will be grabbing some food..m too hungry..we are sitting here from 1'o clock..from the last half an hour m evn not getting what he is trying to say..:-/ Only thing i can imagine now is a plate of noodles in my hand..:-D

This was my daily routine..after class i used to reach home,have dinner and take rest for some time n then study late night..then wake up late in the morning..n study before the tuition class..even then i was not able to complete my home assignment..n when the teacher used to discuss the topic i didnt have doubts..
Some students were so intelligent and smart that they used to complete the assignment n uske bad they had those high level doubts that i never understood..We used to call it O.H.T(over head transmission) :-P
Achaa our teachers used to motivate us so much k lgta tha aj ghar ja k saara kuch kr lena hai..will plan everything for the week but vo plan used to remain on paper only..3 days tk used to be so motivated but on the 4th day again the same..

Going to school was fun coz we used to play for sometime,attended lectures which were not so hectic as the one in coaching class used to be and we were not required to go to school daily..;-).Some students from my coaching centre never ever went to school..n some from my school went to 3 different coaching centres for 3 subjects..tough job i know..

The day i was to give my iit exam i was quite sure i wont be able to clear it..but there was a thought somewhere deep inside my heart that may be something magical would happen n i ll be able to clear it..but soon (after the exam) i realised magic only happens in fairy tales..

These two years are the ones we may never want to discuss..but somehow we learnt a lot..i learnt the value of time..hardwork..n tricks too..(although m too bad at it)..negative marking..(hated it) these years gave some special moments as well..feeling good when you get the right answer after so much dimag khapaai..group studying n usme b ghtia logics lgaana n laughing at the ideas..telling your friend that you didnt do the assignment and getting to know even she didnt do it..attending a sarhu teacher lecture,pretending that you are getting it but thinking of stabbing him with a knife..:-P
  song for all those "warriors" who tried their fate by burning the  midnight oil in this competitive world or will be going to try soon-
Saari umar hum mar mar ke jee liye ikk pal to ab hamein jeene do jeene do...Give me some sunshine..

*One doubt...jo humne parha in 2 years me,vo use kahan hota hai????????? ;-)