Sunday, 15 December 2013

Love Aaj kal

Ohh she's online..i should ping you go Miss Sheena..and Ritika..aaaaaaaand Mohini..ooooooooooooohhhhh...Yamini is also online...

And here's how the story begins..He would woo you with his smart and instant replies decorated with smileys *wink*.. He will compliment you and at the same time the three other girls he's talking (actually chatting) to..No Offence guys...I agree ajkal ki ladkiyan bhi kam nahi...

Do you remember the rich guy with that black Mercedes..He proposed me and i said yes..Why would a girl leave a guy so rich..He is so cute..and he gifts me anything i want..He's adorable..

I mean C'mon..Do you even know this guy??..You are more interested in his money and his looks..

Gone are the days when finding the one you love was considered to having found a perfect soulmate..ab to time pass hi chalta hai.. don't have a girlfriend and you are 21!! What a shame..

C'mon u don't have a girlfriend because you are 21..You have her because you felt she is the one..

Love is not only about a few loving chats,liking each others dp with hearts,exchanging gifts,posting couple photos on Fb,boasting about your love in front of your friends...Yes,some of  these are part of "love afterlife" but having someone in your life for just this sake is just ain't fair..Love is above all this..

Love is when you don't have to pretend what you are,you can be yourself and be accepted by your soulmate as you are..Love is sacrificing for that someone..Love is when you share your happiness,sorrow,your deepest secrets and there's always an urge to know more about that person..Love is when you want to see that someone happy even if its at the cost of your happiness..Love is when you respect and understand each trust each other and know your flaws and still be together..

Infact,whatever way i try,but Love cannot be bound by definitions..Its the matter of hearts..So there must be something that "strikes" which makes you say a 'yes'..:)

C u soon with more Gyaan on love,breakups,Zindagi...

Till then,