Monday, 13 January 2014

WhAt iF?

At one point in life,everybody thinks of his/her perfect partner..And for those who haven't found it yet,its a complete mystery..:P

But what if,theres a twist in the story..

What if,this problem of finding the one didn't exist..If God would have given just tags to couples,it would have been a lot more fun..

Then in matrimonials,advertisement by a guy of tag 6999 would have been somewhat like this:

In search of tag no. 6999 female..Kindly contact wherever you are..

No need of other details..Moreover it would have been the best for our country like India..Problems of  caste and religion would have vanished..Any guy from any country could have been paired with anyone across the world..
 "bhai bhagwan ne tags diye hain" so people would agree to that ultimate decision by God..
It would have literally proved the saying-"Jodiyan to upar se hi banti hain"

Apart from this,the typical breakups and patchups of couples would have ended..They know,ultimately they have to live with their God-selected partners..

Yeah,life would have been easier..But the taste of uncertainity in life would have been missing..The curiosity,the mystery,the dreams,the expectations and the happening of unexpected would have been missing..:)