Tuesday, 28 October 2014

It's never an end,it's always a start.......

And then she broke her nerve and felt the last breath...

Kitna easy hai apni problems se bhaag jaana..forget everything,forget your family,forget those who actually care for you and taking this step of  suicide, i would say rather "mudering yourself"..those who are left behind are there to suffer..thik hai yaar,problems hoti hain,and yeah those who take this step might be having a problem of a lifetime,but suicide is never a solution..Aashiqui movie me agar vo banda suicide na krke apne aap ko improve krne ki ek genuine try kr leta to movie ki ending shayad  thik si hi hoti but  in real life it would have been a great achievement for himself..

The biggest mistake people who are at this stage of depression make is that they don't discuss their problems with anyone..problem sharing leads to the one getting support..its then easier to recover from the trauma but thinking that sharing might make me feel weak or helpless is definitely a stupidity..Share it with your family..They will always support you..at the end they love you and will definitely understand whatever it might be..

We humans make our lives centric to something..and when we lose that thing,we lose hopes of something good happening in the future and we just don't find any reason to live..Never make your life so centric,so dependent..If one goal of your life has not been achieved,its a sign that it was not your true goal in the first place..Move on in life and find yourself..fighting back will make you a more stronger person and more closer to what you actually should be..
Giving up is really never an option..

One Life..only ONE..

Cheers to life..:)