Saturday, 7 March 2015

Is it really Women's day???

A lot has been already said about women empowerment in India.I am not writing this article to point out some male chauvinist views,nor do I expect anything would change in our society just by such articles or videos so easily,but it’s the deep shock that led me to write this. Surprised to hear the wordings of the nirbhaya case criminal. 0% remorse he has and infact he says it was the girl’s fault that she was out at night.He also says that till now they didn’t kill the girl as they thought she won’t tell someone but now they will murder too.They thought a girl would never tell at the first place because ye india hai bhai..ladki btaegi to badnaami ho are mistaken..badnaami rapist ki nahi,ladki ki the end fault to uska hi nikala jaega..and ye fault nikaalega kaun? Our society..
I remember,one lady told me she was really happy that her daughter gave birth to a baby girl..I was elated to hear that, but she pricked my bubble of happiness when she said she hoped the next one won’t be a daughter again..Ek hi ladki thik hai..Hum shayad try kar bhi rahe hain ke gender equality ho in the society but then the deep roots of society are still not supporting this change..Not only gentlemen but also the ladies support this inequality..Bete ne love marriage karni hai to koi bat nahi,beti ne bol kaise dia?
Girls are taught from the very beginning ke seekh lo kuch,sasural me yahi kam ayega..So they are prepared from the beginning that they will have to settle down at someone else’s place after wedding. And this is our culture,we have accepted it. Chalo accept kar liya to kar liya, ghar ka kam sirf ladies karengi, this is our culture,we have accepted it. Sacrifice hamesha women hi karti ayi hai,and karti rahegi..

So what do WE learn out of this….

As a man, you should respect women and always help your mom,your wife,your sister,your daughter and every woman in your life and appreciate what they do for you because you won’t ever be able to do what she does for you.

As a woman, stop thinking that you cannot do something just because you are a woman.Or you have to do this just because you are a woman.Start respecting yourself.     

As a human,we all should aim for equality.Society ko change karna easy nahi hai,but what we can do at our own level might make a bit difference in mentality of others too.

So begin with yourself.Be the change you want see in others.

Cheers to the day when its actually gonna be a human’s day!(equality you know ;) )