Wednesday, 6 January 2016

7 things you can relate to,if you are a specky B)

1.                                 With a pair of spectacles comes great dignity!!

Yes, you are considered a sincere person.(the word is nerd, but i just don't want to put it like that :P) But that's partly true. The famous Indian Sharma aunty or your beloved relatives(who only call you on your result day :P) usually reply with-- 
Sara din t.v dekhta hoga, tbhi to chashma lga hai.. OR sara din kitabon me rehta hoga.. 
Well, second one is true only for some.

2.  It's an addiction. It totally is. 
One day before going to sleep, i was searching for them to keep. Guess what? 
I was already wearing them! Duh

3. And if you are the one like me, then you must be facing problem of being completely blind at times, when you don't wear them. Well, sometimes it proves good. 
If someone asks you not to look at something, you simply remove them and say, ab kuch bhi nahi dikhega.

4. Infact,I just realized i can never learn swimming. I can't just go with my specs, and if i leave them, God save me!

5. Funniest thing with them is when you have to drive in the rain. I personally feel for those who come across this situation.I mean even if you try to swipe away the water, the lens becomes so wet and you feel like,aah it was far better earlier. 
Dude, we should just have those whipers we have in cars to help us through. Please somebody,invent them!

6. The fog, the steam and the rains just love your specs. And apparently, you hate those. 

7. If you think, the first thing in the morning, a person does is checking their phone, ask a specy ;) 
We just love them. 

So for all those like me, I would say I completely understand and that you are great. 

Cheers to us!